Join our amateur dance troupe, Gypsy Dreams! If you are familiar with belly dance and are able to execute all the basic moves you may be able to join us for charity events and festival gigs. Working alongside professional dance troupe, Lilith Dreaming, this may be your chance to shimmy along with a fabulous group of ladies! For women of all ages and sizes - please enquire in class for more details.

Lilith Dreaming can be contacted for performances, workshops, demonstrations, talks, hen nights, weddings, parties and more!

Lilith Dreaming is the name of the professional dance troupe formed by Naia with her students, Jana, Louise, Sarah, Lisa, Emily, Christine and Sharon.  They perform gypsy fusion belly dance at various events throughout the year. Most of their dances are improvised, working on subtle cues from the lead dancer.

The name Lilith Dreaming stems from the ancient goddess, Lilith, who has had many changes in her persona in ancient times. Originally thought to be a storm goddess who lived in wild, untamed places such as the desert, she was later changed into a demon of the night, who preyed upon men and their dreams in the form of a succubus.

 Lilith's epithet was "the beautiful maiden." Sumerian accounts assert that Lilitu or Lilith is also called the handmaiden of Inanna, the Summerian goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare. 

Lilith Dreaming embodies that strong, proud, beautiful female spirit and honours it in the dance.