Finding the right make-up for dancing is sometimes a tricky business.  Application is also a factor - here are some tried and tested tips! 

No.1 - Find out how far away your audience is going to be from you when you perform. If you are performing on a stage, and the audience is more than 10 feet away from you, you will want to go for a more theatrical make-up look - i.e., lots and lots of make-up! Heavy on the eyes, lips and cheeks, much heavier than you would normally, is what is normally used in theatrical make-up. As you are standing quite far away from your audience, your features could fade and you really need to make them stand out.  Up close, the make-up may look a little silly, even clownish, but trust me, from a distance it will be necessary!  For a good guide, visit  If you are going to be closer to your audience, then your usual make-up will do, however, it's always good to really accentuate one aspect or feature, such as your eyes.   

No.2 - Find good sweat-proof/waterproof/smudge-proof makeup!  A good foundation is the Body Shop's Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation SPF 25.  I have sweated many a night's dance with this wonderful product on, and as long as you pat dry any sweat, it will stay in place.  Some liquid eyeliners lasts much longer than pencil, and I suggest Terre d'Oc kohl eyeliners/shadows.  Waterproof mascara is essential, and The Body Shop do a really nice one in both black and brown that lasts all night, but comes off easily with your usual cleanser. For a lipstick that stays in place and that doesn't dry out your lips (and I've tested them all!) the perfect choice Lush's Lip tints - my favourite is A Million Kisses! 

No.3 - Always bring your make-up to touch up through the night - at the very least, you will need a powder to take off any shine.    


No. 4 - And for getting all that goop off? Lush's King of Skin body moisturiser works well. Just rub it all over face, eyes and neck (don't worry - it's essentially cocoa butter, so doesn't sting the eyes or harm them in any way), then rub with fingertips to loosen the makeup. Rinse off with a warm washcloth. Voila - perfectly cleansed, soft smooth skin! Or, for a totally natural way, a cotton ball soaked in olive or vegetable oil to get the makeup off, followed by a foaming cleanser.


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